OSL34619330120001 SOUTH AMERICA. Bilde via Per Sundfær.


1933 MT SOUTH AMERICA (1) (OSL346193301)








Motorskip, tanker
motor ship, tanker for oil.



Flagg (flag):




Byggeår (year built):


Bnr (Sno).:


Bygger (yard):

Nakskov Skibsværft, Nakskov, Danmark.

Eier (owner):

The Texas Co. (Norway) A/S, Oslo.

Disponent (manager):

H. C. Mathiesen, Oslo.

Klasse (Class).:

LR +100A1 Carrying Petroleum in bulk.



Tonnasje (Tonnage):

9.640 tdw, 6.246 brt, 3.646 nrt.

Dimensjoner (size):

L: 400,3’–B: 55,2’–D: 32,2’.

(cargo handling.):






Kommunikasjon (comm.):


Kallesignal (Call sign.):




Fremdrift (propulsion):

2 dieselmotorer, Burmeister & Wain. Hver 4-takt/enkeltv., 6-sylinder, syl. dim.: 550 x 1100 mm. 2.200 BHK. Bygget av Burmeister & Wains Maskin- og Skipsbyggeri, København, Danmark.

Fart/forbr. (speed/cons.):

10,5 knop.

Hjelpemaskineri (aux):


Tot. el. kraft (el. power):


Kjele(r) (boiler):

2 hjelpekjeler (aux. boilers).



Bemanning (crew):





1931 Bygget som HENRIK AMELN ved Nakskov Skibsværft, Nakskov, Danmark for A/S Frugtfart (L. Harboe Jensen), Oslo. Sjøsatt 24/01, ferdigstilt 18/04 som BORNEO for verftets egen regning. Lagt opp.
1933 Solgt 20/01 til The Texas Co. (Norway) A/S
(H. C. Mathiesen), Oslo. Omdøpt til SOUTH AMERICA.
1940 Nortraship ble managers i april.
1944 Torpedert og senket 06/04 av den tyske ubåten U 302 (Kapitänleutnant Herbert Sickel), i posisjon 45.04N-35.22V, mens hun var på reise fra Philadelphia, Penn, USA via Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada i konvoi SC 156 til Manchester, England med flybensin. Besetningen på 35 og 7 militære ble berget av redningsfartøyet GOODWIN.



History in English:

1931 Built as HENRIK AMELN at Nakskov Skibsværft, Nakskov, Denmark for A/S Frugtfart (L. Harboe Jensen), Oslo. Launched 24/01, completed 18/04 as BORNEO for yards own account. Laid up.
1933 Sold 20/01 to The Texas Co. (Norway) A/S
(H. C. Mathiesen), Oslo. Renamed SOUTH AMERICA.
1940 Nortraship became managers in April.
1944 Torpedoed and sunk 06/04 by the German submarine U 302 (Kapitänleutnant Herbert Sickel), in position 45.04N-35.22W, whilst on a voyage from Philadelphia, Penn, USA via Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada in convoy SC 156 to Manchester, England with aviation gasoline. Crew of 35 and 7 gunners were saved by the rescue vessel GOODWIN.

Here is a report written by Capt. W. J. Hartley DSC, who was the Captain of GOODWIN:
"Thurs. 6th April. At 0230 Norwegian Tanker No.44 (her name was the South America) was torpedoed, wind ENE force 3, sea calm, position 45° 05'N, 35° 11’W. The Goodwin proceeded to assist at 0232, at that time the vessel was afire amidships with flames mast high. I decided that I would go alongside aft, to windward or starboard - as it looked as if the fire might defeat all attempts by the crew to use the boats. At 0235 the Goodwin was about 70 yards astern of the stricken tanker and closing her, when a second torpedo struck again on the port side.
"This second torpedo had the effect of causing the fire to die out. When this torpedo struck (I noticed two snowflakes well ahead on the port wing of the convoy. I took it that escorts were using illumination) I decided to alter the rescue manoeuvre and turned ship short round so that the Goodwin was hove to about 40 feet astern of the tanker, and at right angles to her. This presented the least target to the direction of attack. My ship's bridge was then in line with the tanker's stern.
"Two lifeboats and one raft were launched from tanker at 0238 and the crew were immediately helped aboard and taken care of. This operation was completed by 0307. The Goodwin remained unscreened. I then proceeded to rejoin convoy and inform the SOE (senior officer of the escort) by R/T that I had completed the job and saved the entire crew of 42, including the master.




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