TBG18419540120001 TEIE. Foto fra boka Tønsberg Hvalfangeri 1907-1957.


1954 MT TEIE (3) (TBG184195401)








Motorskip, transport & tanker
motor ship, transport & tanker



Flagg (flag):


Havn (port):


Byggeår (year built):


Bnr (Sno).:


Bygger (yard):

Deutsche Werft Aktiengesellschaft, Finkenwärder, Hamburg, Tyskland.

Eier (owner):

A/S Tønsberg Hvalfangeri, Tønsberg.

Disponent (manager):

A. C. Olsen, Sandefjord.

Klasse (Class).:

DnV +1A1 Tankskip for oljelast.



Tonnasje (Tonnage):

14.700 tdw, 9.944 brt, 5.889 nrt.

Dimensjoner (size):

L: 510,8’-B: 66,1’-D: 36,4’.

(cargo handling):


(Ref. machinery):






(syst. for manouvering):


(deck machinery):


Kommunikasjon (comm.):


Kallesignal (Call sign):




Fremdrift (propulsion):

2 dieselmotorer, MAN. Hver 2-takt/dbltv., 6–sylinder, syl. dim.: 600 x 1.100 mm. 4.100 BHK ved 116 o. min. Bygget av Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg Aktiengesellschaft, Augsburg, Tyskland.

Fart/forbr. (speed/cons.):

12,0 knop.

Hjelpemaskineri (aux):


Tot. el. kraft (el. power):


Kjeler (boiler):

2 hjelpekjeler (aux. boilers). Arbeidstrykk 170 psi.



Bemanning (crew):





1937 Bygget som MT THORSHØVDI av Deutsche Werft Aktiengesellschaft, Finkenwärder, Hamburg, Tyskland for A/S Odd (A/S Thor Dahl), Sandefjord. Sjøsatt 21/08, ferdigstilt i september.
1940 WW II-Nortraship ble managers i april.
I fart som hjelpeskip for the Admirality, London, England.
1943 Sprengt 03/08 av en italiensk dvergubåt i Gibraltar mens hun lå ankret. Brakk i to 04/08.
1945 Vrakpartene funnet etter krigen. Forskipet i Bona, Algerie og akterskipet i Gibraltar.
Solgt av assurandøren til Skibs-A/S Oiltank (Georg Vefling), Tønsberg. Tauet til Newcastle, England for reparasjon. Satt i fart som MT GIERT TORGERSEN.
1949 H. H. Torgersen & Georg Vefling, Tønsberg ble managers.
1951 Georg Vefling, Tønsberg ble managers.
1954 Solgt for 3.750.000 til A/S Tønsberg Hvalfangeri, (A. C. Olsen, Sandefjord), Tønsberg. Bygget om til transport/tankskip med lugar plasser til 300 mann ved Kieler Howaldswerke, Kiel, Vest-Tyskland. Ny tonnasje:
14.034 tdw, 11.342 brt, 8.071 nrt. Omdøpt til TEIE.
Bror von der Lippe, Tønsberg ble managers.
1960 Solgt for GBP 100.00 til A/S Albion Star, Sandefjord. Omdøpt til TOTA.
Solgt i januar til Eriksbergs Mek. Verkstads A/B, Göteborg, Sverige for bruk som losjiskip.
1970 Ankom 03/09 til Santander, Spania for hogging.




Utdrag av Sjøforklaringen etter forliset i 1943. Fra boka Sjøforklaring fra 2. Vedenskrig bind II.

Captain Arthur Svensen appeared The Captain referred to his log-book and extract from same dated 4th August 1943, which he affirmed was a correct statement of what had happened.
The ship had onboard a cargo of about 10.690 tons Admiralty fuel oil.

        The ship was tied up at buoys inside the Admiralty Harbour until about 1900 hours on the 3rd August, when the ship was shifted by an Admiralty Pilot through the Southern Entrance. Outside the entrance the Admiralty Pilot was replaced by a Bay Pilot who said he had received orders to anchor the ship on the far side of the Bay.
At about 1940 hours the Pilot stated that the ship was in 25 Fathoms of water and the ship was anchored by the Starboard anchor and 90 fathoms of chain. The ship was about half a mile from the Spanish shore.
        He stated that he ordered the Chief Officer to put good watches on deck and to darken the ship. He also ordered the ship to be ready to sail at 0445 on the morning of the 4th August.
At about 0410 hours, on the 4th August everyone was shaken by a tremendous explosion. He rushed out on deck, he could see nothing for fueloil which was descending like rain.
Loud cracks were heard from the amidships on the after deck.
        As the oil ceased it soon became evident that the ship's back was broken, the deck sagging to such an extent that it appeared that the ship might break i two at any moment.
He gave orders for all hands to get into the lifeboats which were launched, and to keep near the ship until daylight.

        They were taken out of the lifeboat (which was damaged and leaky) and taken on to a British patrol boat which went to another ship close by. They were just sending a diver down to examine this ship for contact or limpet mines when she also blew up, a piece of iron falling through the roof of the deck house and severely injuring the coxswain of that ship.
        The patrol boat then went to the shore to land the injured man and they were taken to the Captain of the Port's Office.
Shortly after this they were taken back to the ship which was then in tow in order to beach her, as it was seen that the ship was practically cut in two by an explosion which broke her back under No. 6 tank.
        Ship was beached in about 36 feet of water shortly after noon.
        He is of opinon that the explosion was due to enemy action as the British Government diver found clamps for securing wire to the bilge keels and pieces of metal believed to be from enemy bomb containers having been thrown up by the explosion were found on the deck.
There was an Italian in the patrol boat who had been taken from the water.



History in English:

1937 Built as THORSHØVDI by Deutsche Werft Aktiengesellschaft, Finkenwärder, Hamburg, Tyskland for A/S Odd (A/S Thor Dahl), Sandefjord. Launched 21/08, completed in September.
1940 WW II-Nortraship became managers in April.
In service as Royal Fleet Auxiliary for the Admirality, London, England.
1943 Damaged by explosion of limpet mine 03/08 planted by crew of Italian piloted minisub in Gibraltar whilst anchored. Broke in two 04/08.
1945 The wreck parts found after the war. The fore body at Bona, Algeria and the aft body at Gibraltar.
1945 Sold by the insuranse to Skibs-A/S Oiltank (Georg Vefling), Tønsberg. Towed to Newcastle, England for repairs. Put in service as GIERT TORGERSEN.
H. H. Torgersen & Georg Vefling, Tønsberg became managers.
1951 Georg Vefling, Tønsberg became managers.
1954 Sold for 3.750.000 to A/S Tønsberg Hvalfangeri, (A. C. Olsen, Sandefjord), Tønsberg. Converted to transport/tank vessel with passenger accomodation for 300 men by Kieler Howaldswerke, Kiel, West Germany. New tonnage:
14.034 tdw, 11.342 grt, 8.071 nrt. Renamed TEIE.
Bror von der Lippe, Tønsberg became managers.
1960 Sold for GBP 100.00 to A/S Albion Star, Sandefjord. Renamed TOTA.
Sold in January to Eriksbergs Mek. Verkstads A/B, Göteborg, Sweden for use as accomodation vessel.
1970 Arrived 03/09 at Santander, Spain for demolition.




Kilde: DnV, Lloy’s  Starke, reg., boka Tønsber Hvalfangeri 1907-1957, warsailor.com.
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